CCTV Security System

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CCTV Security System


It is the need of this modern era to secure many areas for protection of valuable assets/ information or resources. The technology has served many alternatives to have close supervision of such areas. These alternatives are reliable and affordable and that is why; you will see many places are covered with CCTV security systems like shops, malls, IT premises and many more. Even the residential areas are also secured with these security systems.

GTS is experienced in security camera installation to secure the sensitive area under close watch. CCTV security systems made it easy to locate any doubtful entries or actions at the earliest. The important aspect while installing these systems is the areas to be covered under video surveillance. Generally, installing cameras at common entry places, patios or focused on main operational area offer better control and security. The main two types of security cameras include –

• Wired cameras – These cameras high quality pictures but these cameras are trickier to install as the wires need to be arranged in a better way.
• Wireless cameras – These cameras are more flexible for installations but as aerial signals may interrupt and may not offer quality pictures as wired cameras all time.

The installation of CCTV camera must be installed by professional to place it properly and cover the target area properly. The legal restrictions are also essential for video surveillance. Triangular Automation engineers are expert in security camera installation processes. We install cameras and CCTV systems of well-known brands like Honeywell, Hikvison, Bosch etc. If you want to install CCTV security system at your office or site, call us and get it dones perfectly.